Introduction of .uk - Don't Do It!

The Issue

  • The internet is big business and hugely important to the UK economy (8.3% of GDP)
  • It's all based on domain names such as
  • Most businesses use, and 93% of UK names are
  • Nominet now proposes the release of .uk domain names (e.g. for the first time. You can see the details of Nominet's proposal on their website (link opens in a new window).
  • The introduction of .uk would have a number of consequences, and you can compare the pros and cons of the concept of introducing .uk here.
  • .uk domains would come with added security and trust features that will not be offered to existing registrants. This will tarnish the currently excellent reputation of the extension, and damage over 3,000,000 businesses that rely on it for their online identity.
  • .uk also will not be offered to the owners of (e.g. the BBC would not automatically get
  • Instead priority will be given to trademark holders. Sounds fair to you? Read here why this is a bad idea.
  • Existing domain owners will have to prove that they are entitled to the matching .uk domain name, or buy it at auction (if it hasn't already been taken by a trademark holder)
  • This will cause uncertainty and confusion, and risks damaging trust in and hurting UK businesses
  • The direct cost to UK businesses will be at least £50,000,000 per year, and associated adjustment costs could run to £billions
  • Other countries went about the same process quite differently. In every previous case, existing domain owners were given priority ahead of other interests.

Time is running out... To find out all about this issue, and how your business is likely to be affected, please download the 26-page position paper. It contains detailed statistics, an overview of international best practice, and a fairer proposal for the release of .uk.

Why haven't I heard about this before?

That's not really surprising, since Nominet has no plans to ask individual domain registrants what they think of their proposal. Indeed, they claim that to do so would expose them to charges of spamming. By limiting their request for feedback to the 2,800 Nominet Members, it's like getting farmers to vote on Christmas without asking the turkeys...

What next?

Assuming you've now read the position paper, if you've not yet made your views clear to Nominet, you can still submit a response to their consultation for a limited period. It's a very detailed questionnaire, which will probably take about 30 minutes to complete.

If you'd like to keep updated with new developments, you can sign up to the mailing list from the box on the right. Your email address will be kept private, and will only be used to send news and information about UK domain issues.

Finally, please spread the word! Tell your colleagues, your friends. Share this information widely. Maybe even write to your MP if you feel strongly enough about the issue...

Here's my response to Nominet's V2 consultation on .uk, which closed on September 23, 2013.
.uk will damage UK business

(Material below relates to round 1 of the consultation, held in 2012)

If you own a domain name, you NEED to see this document or risk losing any chance of getting the corresponding .uk! You have been warned...

Introduction of .uk - Don't Do It: A position paper


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